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All Paintings

American Landscape
Wetland, Kensington
Grain Elevators, Eastbound Coal Train
Turning Basin
Red City
Independence Road
Front Street
Steelmaking in America
Twilight in the Wilderness
Imminence, 8 a.m.
A Pond at Kensington Park, 8:30 a.m.
Blue Skiff
View of Zug Island
Ford's Rolling Mills
Steelyard Bridge
Geometry of Zug
Great Lakes Steel
Great Lakes Steel II
Kensington, October
Kent Lake from the Bridge
U.S. 2 West of Browning, Montana
Lake Michigan 7:30 a.m.
Michigan Seems Like A Dream
Walden III
Winter Harbor IV
Glacier of Rooms
Creek, Superstition Mountains (Music Canyon Spring)
The Bubbles, Jordan Pond
Nauset Beach
Evening, Killbear Point
From Mesa Arch
Goodhart Beach
Grand Trunk Tracks, Detroit
Jefferson Avenue, Detroit
Kensington III
The Seven Sisters
Slanting Light, Otter Point
Study for Kensington, Morning Light
Kingston Lake
Ruby Beach In Fog
The Ladder
Northeast Creek, Dusk
Otter Point
Quiet Evening on Georgian Bay
Quiet Waters
Round Pond
Davis Pond III
The Rookery, West Bloomfield
Sunrise, Schoodic Harbor
Schoodic Harbor II
Seney Pool II
Small Pond
Stacks Near Thunder Hole
Streamlet with Daisies
Sunrise, Ocean Drive
Sunrise, Ocean Drive II
Sunrise, Otter Point
Sunup, Cadillac Mountain
Thunder Hole at 6 a.m.
Walden Pond
Walden Pond II
West Pond
West Pond II
Forbidden Zone, Zug Island
Protected Area
Milwaukee Approaching Hastings
Crosstown Bus Stop, Detroit
Double Overtime Shift
Outer Banks, 7:00 a.m.
Up North
Cherry Grove Sunrise
American Landscape II
Outer Head
Blue Dawn, Outer Banks
Streamlet, Mt. Baker Wilderness
Nineteen Sixty Eight
Avenue of the Americas
Goodhart Rocks
Your Ad Here
Seaview Steps
Fire Island Beach
Arey Cove
Ocean Beach Sunrise Study #2
Cafe, Hudson and 11th
Astor Place
Coal Yard, South Branch Chicago River
Lourmarin, Provence
South Branch Chicago River
Chicago River at State Street
Seastacks on the Oregon Coast
Steel Mills of Gary, Indiana
Oregon Coast Sunset Study
Day's End at Haggerty Pond
Morning On Grand Traverse Bay

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